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Stuff Every Latex Consumer Should Know About 4D Transparency Variations & Color Name Misnomers Vol. 2: Hot Pants, Hot Colors

This is a continuation of this post.

So I finally decided to post something edumacational. It's been well over a month or just about a month since. I welcome you to:

Stuff Every Latex Comsumer Should Know About 4D Transparency Variations & Color Name Misnomers Vol. 2: Hot Pants, Hot Colors

The latex sheeting dictators, 4D Rubber, have titled their super bright series of colors Vibrant. Yes, there are other colors besides black and red in latex fetish land! Latex clothing firms and DE's [design entrepenuers] may refer to this set of colors as Vibrant, Neon or Hot. They are very much brighter than the other 4D latex colors as a whole, except for turquoise. In my opinion, Vibrant Turquoise [similar to "smurf" blue or turquoise stones] while noticably brighter than the Supatex set, is still much darker than the rest of the Vibrants.


All of the Vibrant colors are: bright pink, magenta, green, lime green, turquoise, lemon yellow, yellow, orange, red. So what's the difference between lemon yellow and yellow? And how about lime green? They are pretty similiar, but they can be easily told apart. Unfortunately, I only have a small swatch of the lime green that's not big enough to be photographed properly. You're outta luck on that one, kids. When the time comes for me to buy rolls of those colors or if I can get my hands on some scraps from a fellow D.E., I'll photo them and post.

Bright Pink [aka "Hot Pink"] and Magenta are both very bright pinks, magenta cosiderably more so than bright pink. You can see the difference between them below:

This picture really doesn't capture the eye-blinding-acid pink qualities of Magenta as seen in person. I recently made a matching outfit in Magenta with Black trim. Now, if you've seen the Bright/Hot Pink in person, you full well know it's pretty damn bright. After working with Magenta, Hot Pink looked like a regular light pink in comparison!

Transparency Issues

Unlike the Supatex set which come in 9 gauges, the vibrants only come in three gauges [thicknesses]: .20mm, .33mm, and .45mm. The thicker the gauge, the less transparent the sheeting will be. The thinner the gauge, the less opaque. FYI: the most used gauge is .33mm followed by .45mm. I'll write a seperate post about thicknesses soon.

The Vibrant set of colors tend to run almost as, or just as transparent as the Semi-Transparent set. Talking 'bout .33mm here. .45mm is much more opaque. Magenta and Vibrant Red seem to be the most transparent out of the bunch. Just to confuse you more, I read in a forum somewhere [I don't remember where] someone refering to Magenta as "the Transparent Hot Pink". Be prepared to show some nipples and thong if you get an outfit in Vibrant Green, as well. Vibrant Turquoise is just as opaque as the regular colors.

Here's a crappy pic of the post-it note placed under the Magenta sheeting. If I knew how to focus a camera, you would be able to see the post-it note and the writing quite clearly.

Vibrant Red ahould also be renamed "Transparent". In this pic, a Vibrant Red w/ silver trim headband is placed over a black and white version. They are both placed on top of Magenta sheeting to show color contrast.

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