Thursday, September 07, 2006

Crowd pics from June SMack!

My rubberpal Andre was kind enough to send me crowd pics from my Betty LaBamba fashion show at the last SMack! party. I took the liberty of resizing the pics and cropping out people's hats and faces as much as possible. The store website is under construction, but you can swag at my eBay store. [I'm not doing orders this week 'cuz my hands are experiencing a carpal t. flare up. My right hand hurts like fuck. It's a good thing I'm right-handed. Not.]

Models are Jynx [in black & white], Miss Katonic [in green & black], and Anduin [in green and gold].

It was my second Betty LaBamba fashion show and lots of the usual fashion mayhem--but with latex! Here's some shots of a couple of outfits from the crowd perspective. I was "backstage" popping my head out from behind the curtain to check out the action. The party was loads of fun--SMack! parties always are--but I didn't do too much socializing and whatnot. My hands were tied dressing the gals, doing the usual behind the scenes stuff, and clean-up. That and I'm pretty socially inept as it is.

I'm proud that I was invited to participate in a SMack! party, the 10th anniversary party at that, too! Of course, there were other designers and design companies represented, but this post is all about moi today.

If you were at the June 3rd SMack! party and have pics of the Betty L. show, please email me: bettylabamba[at]bettylabamba[dot]com. I'm not going to use them for commercial purposes. It's just for my own records and enjoyment.


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Oneeyedjack said...

Thanks for the mention. Wish I was able to take some better photos but my camera really isn't meant to capture motion and it's tough to shoot over all of those heads. I'm not lying when I said that I thought your stuff was the best of the bunch!

By the way, if you'd like to check out my recap of the Montreal Fetish Weekend last week, take a look at my blog on Myspace. It is a bit long, but you're welcome to edit it however you see fit and grab the photos if you'd like to make an entry about it here.