Thursday, March 29, 2007

Nundies! No Undies!

Listen up ladies (with female parts)!

There's a new product on the market called Nundies which claims to have the power to liberate twats from traditional undergarments:

Women of the world unite! Are you embarrassed by tacky panty lines? Do you despise wearing uncomfortable thongs and g-strings? Do you dream of going "commando" without the discomfort of itchy clothing? Well, now you can say "So-long!" to your thong and "Bye-bye!" to your briefs, because women everywhere have a new lease on freedom.

Now, I personally like wearing underwear--I have on at least ten pairs at any given moment--but this looks promising for us latex underwearin' folk, especially for fetish models and the hygienic-minded latex companies who hire them for photoshoots and fashion shows. Not only that, some of us are susceptible to yeast infections, and not all of us like going completely bare under a tight latex ensemble. Think about it: who the fuck wants a pantyline showing under a $$$$ catsuit?

So what exactly are Nundies? Propaganda from the Nundies website:

Nundies are a one-time use, disposable panty that adhere to the inside crotch of a woman's pants. They are intended for use as an alternative to wearing underwear. Nundies are a great fashion solution product for women who want to go bare down there without the discomfort of itchy clothing. Nundies also save women from the embarrassment of tacky panty lines and from having to wear uncomfortable thongs.

Always at the cutting edge, fashion models around the world are lining up for this latest fashion fix:
"Panty lines are the ultimate fashion faux pas!" according to International Model and Premiere Fashion Event Producer Jan Strimple. "New technology has enabled textile manufacturers to create the finest of lingerie fabrics, but even the slimmest g-string can't compete with Nundies. They're in every stylist's and model's bag for lingerie shoots, swim shoots, and for barely there summer clothes .... and in our personal wardrobes for everyday wear. We can't live without 'em!"

Brought to market by Dallas-based Advanced Materials, Inc. (AMI4), Nundies marks a new product line for the company known for its success in manufacturing medical products, such as diet patches, mammography pads, and single-use ice packs. The vibrant company lead by 40-year-old William Mortensen, President and CFO, has a host of new ideas on the drawing board...

The disposable, tulip-shaped Nundies come in packages of five for a suggested retail price of $15 each. Whether it's 5 Naughty Black Nundies, 5 Blushing Buff Nundies, or 5 Sassy Assorted Nundies, there's a color to suit every need.

Disclaimer: I, along with Betty LaBamba, am not in any way affiliated with Nundies/AMI4. However, if anyone from that company is reading this, I'll take a couple sample packs.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Inflatable Leather By Gareth Pugh

Am I the only one who's wondered what would happen if the ghosts of Leigh Bowery and Atomage's John Sutcliffe made wild wild love by a pool? Yeah...probably.

Black and white leather inflatable arm thingy ensemble by Gareth Pugh from March 07 issue of the magazine W.

Keep your eyes on designer Gareth Pugh! Why should you care? He likes to use latex.

Pugh's talent makes me want to go into a jealous murderous rage. To put it mildly: he's got the "it" thing, and that it factor is kicking the shit out of us fetish designers' so-called "couture" creations. There's a special quality that sets his work apart from the rest of the avant guard trash that passes for ahhrt. Mark my words, although he's still a "young designer", he's either going to eventually make it big like John Galliano or crash and burn completely. I doubt he'll do the latter; he's got too much of a sense of humor.

Gareth, daaaahhling, call me.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Latex Dress on ABC's 'Ugly Betty' Sitcom

Special thanks to good people at IAR for breaking the story (...a long time ago--don't look at me that way, I'm no journalist!). Pictures in this blog entry are from IAR.

ABC's hit show Ugly Betty recently featured an hilariously tight metallic silver latex dress manufacted by Syren/ Wouldn't it have been a bit funnier if they used Betty LaBamba instead? Fuck yeah, I'm going to be biased towards my own label!

Clips from the episode can be viewed here on [the almighty] YouTube: part one; part two; part three. The same YouTube user who uploaded the clips also has an excellent blog called Kinky Gerlinky where you can find the mutha load of Ugly Betty-related downloads and stills.

Other resources to get your Ugly Betty Latex Fix:

TV Squad

The Bound Forum (age 18+ ONLY!) (another 18+)

For the clear plastic lovers...


In the April '07 issue of Elle magazine (USA), this Dolce & Gabbana advert.

The model's wearing a dress or top with oversized clear plastic flower corsage accented by clear thick-framed glasses. The corsage is obviously stitched and "stiffened" by some kind of wire. The bud thingy in the middle looks at though it's made from a white suede leather.

Go to this page from to view runway photos of Dolce & Gabbanna's Fall 07 collection.

Hmm, what to do? What to do...

Many of you may already know about this site, but in addition to domina reviews and all that stuff, has the most comprehensive list of worldwide events I've seen.

WARNING: This site is 18+. The following link will take you directly to the events calender. If you are easily offended by "adult" content, click on it at your own risk. Click here to access the calender. Another warning: the site loads slow as hell.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Phantastic Photographer

Check out this amazing photographer, Eugenio Recuenco. His work is absolutely stunning. Oh, I'm in love!

Description from his website:

eugenio recuenco is a spanish photographer who is a pain in the ass becausehe always insists on doing whatever he wants. He works for quite a number ofclients both in the advertising and editorial fields all over the World who arealso a pain in the ass, because they always want to do whatever they want. Outof these fights between hardheadeds it has been possible to rescue the imagesfor this web site, some better, some worse, but made with lots of enthusiasm andwith the support of a great team who refer to themselves as "The Eye ofFrosker". The latter is an entity that has came to the earth to bother some andalso to amuse some others. If you are one of the latter, stop fooling arroundand get in.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Rubber Boots, Goodyear, etc.

An old episode of the BBC quiz show Quite Interesting hosted by the wonderful Stephen Fry, mentioned something quite interesting on the origins of rubber. View it on You Tube here. The topic gets mentioned about five minutes into the clip and goes on for about two minutes.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Three 4D Pinks Contrasted

I just realized that I haven't done any type of materials post in quite a long fucking time. Here's a short one to keep you grubby little children happy.

[I'm not one to bleg, but, if the info in these educational posts have helped you make a bit o' cash, email me {bettylabamba{at}hotmail} to find out how you can help me kick my four page Amazon wishlist's ass. If you want to be an ingrate, go fork yourself.]

4D Rubber carries several types of pinks: baby pink, pink, semi transparent pink, vibrant pink (hot pink), and vibrant magenta. For more info on the vibrant colours, track back to this post; on standard colours, this post. So what's the effing difference between them?

Above is a photo of my surgical masks in Neon/Vibrant Magenta, Neon/Vibrant/Hot Pink, and Regular/Standard Pink. Baby Pink is not represented because I don't have any in stock; Semi-Trans Pink is basically almost the same shit as regular pink but transparent.

Notice how bright Neon Magenta looks. Most other colors, even Hot Pink, will look pale in contrast. Personally, I prefer Hot Pink over Neon Magenta: it's just more feminine in a bubblegum way. Although it's not classified as such, Neon Magenta is also transparent, more so than Semi-Trans Blue or Semi-Trans Purple. If you want a transparent hot pink latex garment, go with Neon Magenta in an 0.33mm or less gauge.

On a closing note I'd like to point out that our perception of color changes with what type of lighting the color is viewed under and if it's contrasted next to another color. For example, white latex by itself looks a bit yellowish, but when placed next to black latex, it begins to resemble a true white like a piece of photo copy paper.

Inner Tube Origami

Found! in the April 2007 issue of W magazine (with Kirsten Dunst on the cover): French couture designer Christian Lacroix posing with a sculpture called Vanilla (Charlotte) by Daniel Firman. [No further info on this in article.] The black portion of it looks suspiciously like large rubber inner tubes. I cropped him out of the picture--He's absolutely fabulous but just the rubber[?], pleaze!

I don't know why, but I have this sudden craving for pretzels...and snow tubing.

For those of you into zentai or shiny spandex, there are two full page pictures of a lady in a metallic silver OMO Norma Kamali body suit [catsuit without legs attached] in this issue.