Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Inflatable Leather By Gareth Pugh

Am I the only one who's wondered what would happen if the ghosts of Leigh Bowery and Atomage's John Sutcliffe made wild wild love by a pool? Yeah...probably.

Black and white leather inflatable arm thingy ensemble by Gareth Pugh from March 07 issue of the magazine W.

Keep your eyes on designer Gareth Pugh! Why should you care? He likes to use latex.

Pugh's talent makes me want to go into a jealous murderous rage. To put it mildly: he's got the "it" thing, and that it factor is kicking the shit out of us fetish designers' so-called "couture" creations. There's a special quality that sets his work apart from the rest of the avant guard trash that passes for ahhrt. Mark my words, although he's still a "young designer", he's either going to eventually make it big like John Galliano or crash and burn completely. I doubt he'll do the latter; he's got too much of a sense of humor.

Gareth, daaaahhling, call me.

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