Thursday, November 29, 2007

Poll Results: What's Your Favorite Fetish Stereotype?

Oh, no! Stereotypes! Stereotypes are bad. I'm going to hell for reinforcing stereotypes.

Out of 34 votes:

17% voted "Nurse/Medical"
23% voted "Dominatrix"
11% voted "Maid"
44% voted "Rubber Doll"
2% (only one person) voted "Anything with big boobs"

The Rubber Dolls win! Word out on the street is that it's a trend or something like that.

Kudos to the guy or gal who voted "Big Boobs."

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Enamel Erotica

All these scans are from Vogue Nippon. See this post. There are lots--and I mean LOTS--more shiny shiny pictures to scan, so keep an eye out for them over the next month.

Here's a patent leather product collage called "Enamel Erotica". No latex, but it's interesting to observe how the Japanese fashionistas are interpreting this season's obsession with all things glittery, shiny, and fetishy.

ABOVE: knee-high boots by Giuseppe Zanotti Design; patent leather hood with snap closure (bottom left) by Yves Saint Laurent; cuff bracelet (center left) by Erickson Beamon; bondage cuffs (upper left) by I have no idea 'cuz I forgot all the Japanese I learned.

BELOW: bow headband by Rada; gloves by Prada; spats by Celine; studded stilettos (upper right) by Dolce & Gabbana; gold and black buckled heels (bottom left) by Jimmy Choo.

Below is another sleek product collage adorably named "Color My Fetish."

THE SHOES: Red double-buckled platform mary janes by Dolce & Gabbana; grey t-strap stilettos by Stella McCartney; blue strappy-buckled tango heels (bottom left) by Chanel.

If you would bigger versions of these scans, let me know. My email is listed in the navigation bar.

Vogue Nippon Post Bonus

Continuing from the Vogue Nippon scanfest...

Two cute but strictly serious pen-and-ink drawings from the horoscope section of said magazine. Illustrations by Miyuki Morimoto. Very 60's!

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Monday, November 12, 2007

New Movie Alert...

Walk All Over Me

a dominatrix slash crime drama staring Leelee Sobieski.

The tagline is "Love. Latex. Larceny."

Click here to see poster at imdb, which won't let me right-click-save or even hot link it to the blog post.

Synopsis from Capri Films here [where I ganked the picture].

It's probably not that bad or not that good. The usual Hollywood filth. Yeah, you know you'll buy the DVD when it comes out anyway. Don't give me that "mainstream media is misrepresenting thee lifestyle" bullshit. I'm not in the mood. Besides, it's an indie movie. From Canada.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Real Doll Tough Love

I got a chance to go the the Japanese market in North Jersey, so I picked up a copy of the November 2007 issue of Vogue Nippon. [Nippon = Japan.] I'm glad I did; it's filled with all sorts of shininess, and the theme is "hard love." There's a few other photo spreads I still have to scan. This spread is called "Tough Love" and features gorgeous dolls dressed in designer clothing. Although no latex appears in the spread, I reproduced it here for those of you into the Rubber Doll lifestyle.

DOMINATRIX: Dolce & Gabbana [above]
MEDIEVAL HARDCORE: Burberry Prorsum [below]

If you appreciate the work I've done the past year on this blog by buying all these magazines (especially those hard-to-get vintage fetish ones) and scanning them, please consider getting me a book on my wishlist. Thanks!
SWEET PUNK: Yves Saint Laurent [above]
BIKER BABE: Junya Wantanabe Comme des Garçons [below]

If you would like bigger versions of these scans (only the first picture will enlarge when you click on it) just let me know, and I'll send them to you. My email is listed on the side navigation bar.

EDIT: The très awesome blog Doll's Realm has posted the full-size versions of these scans. Go here and here to view them.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

New Latex Rubber Sheeting Colors

If you haven't heard about it already, you've heard it here first.

Here's some exciting news in the fast-paced, dog-eat-dog world of latex rubber sheeting. 4D Rubber has just come out with two new latex colors, Supatex Vibrant White and Semi-Trans Cloud Grey.

So why did 4D make another white and another grey?

White latex is not a true white; it's an off-white cream color that yellows very easily. Although the difference between the two whites is not so pronounced in this horrible photo I took, the Vibrant White is noticeably brighter than the standard white. In person, it really pops. The regular creamy white is nice, but it tends to look dingy after a while, especially if it's not contrasted with a dark color. Maybe with this new Vibrant White, white latex won't be such a frustrating "labor of love".

Supatex White contrasted with Supatex Vibrant White:

Onto the greys. You're already familiar with the Semi-Trans Grey, which is commonly referred to as "Semi-Trans Smoke" or just plain "Smoke" since it has no resemblance to any kind of grey. The new color, Semi-Trans Cloud Grey, is an actual cool grey. Look at the picture below to see the difference. I placed a Betty LaBamba label underneath the Cloud Grey to indicate the level of transparency.

Semi-Trans Grey contrasted with Semi-Trans Cloud Grey:

Forget 4D for a minute. Here's a particularly delicious sheeting color by the new sheeting manufacturer, Radical Rubber. The official name is Metallic Fuschia, but I call it Metallic Pink. Don't ask me why I change names--it's my only pleasure in life. I expect it will be a hit with all lovers of pink, Barbie, and the Rubber Doll enthusiasts.

Radical Rubber's Metallic Fuschia:

Halter by Betty LaBamba.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sweet Shindig Alert: Miss Rubber World 2008

Quick! You only have three months to get yourselves ready for Miss Rubber World contest. I really should get my ass in gear; I have no idea what I'm wearing yet. You may remember that I was a judge last time, and I'm a judge again this time, too.

Who: M.C.'d by the one and only The Baroness. Judges are Betty LaBamba (that's me!), Webster Hall Entertainment Director Shane Savant, Latex DIVA and make-up artist extraordinaire Lady J, Skin Two contributing editors Ted N' Di, MRW '06 and her hubby Pet & Owner.

What: There's a strict dress code: rubber/latex/pvc/neoprene/spandex.

When: January 20th, 2008. Doors open at 9.00PM. Party goes on to 4.00AM.

Where: @ Rebel, 251 west 30th street (between 7th & 8th avenue), NYC. I don't know about the parking garage scene, but you can easily take the LIRR or NJ Transit to Penn Station. Rebel's only a few blocks away.

Why: 'Cuz it's fun, and everyone gets dressed up to the nines. And we have fun. In rubber. And, oh yeah, boobs.

How: Wanna compete for the title to end all titles--not to mention a supreme crapload of delicious prizes? [Over 11 grand and counting.] Download the form here.

Directions and other info can be found here, including shopping, dining out, and additional party listings.

Tickets cost $50 per person, or $60 per couple. (So bring your main squeeze or a friend.) Advance tickets can be purchased here online or at NYC's premier fetish boutique Purple Passion in person. Need some latex to wear to the party? Purple Passion also carries Betty LaBamba latex.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Poll Results: My favorite piece of rubber is...

Here's the results from the last poll, My favorite piece of rubber is:

Out of 86 votes,

22% chose "my hood"
60% chose "my catsuit"
10% chose "my leggings/stockings"
6% chose "my spare tire"