Thursday, November 08, 2007

New Latex Rubber Sheeting Colors

If you haven't heard about it already, you've heard it here first.

Here's some exciting news in the fast-paced, dog-eat-dog world of latex rubber sheeting. 4D Rubber has just come out with two new latex colors, Supatex Vibrant White and Semi-Trans Cloud Grey.

So why did 4D make another white and another grey?

White latex is not a true white; it's an off-white cream color that yellows very easily. Although the difference between the two whites is not so pronounced in this horrible photo I took, the Vibrant White is noticeably brighter than the standard white. In person, it really pops. The regular creamy white is nice, but it tends to look dingy after a while, especially if it's not contrasted with a dark color. Maybe with this new Vibrant White, white latex won't be such a frustrating "labor of love".

Supatex White contrasted with Supatex Vibrant White:

Onto the greys. You're already familiar with the Semi-Trans Grey, which is commonly referred to as "Semi-Trans Smoke" or just plain "Smoke" since it has no resemblance to any kind of grey. The new color, Semi-Trans Cloud Grey, is an actual cool grey. Look at the picture below to see the difference. I placed a Betty LaBamba label underneath the Cloud Grey to indicate the level of transparency.

Semi-Trans Grey contrasted with Semi-Trans Cloud Grey:

Forget 4D for a minute. Here's a particularly delicious sheeting color by the new sheeting manufacturer, Radical Rubber. The official name is Metallic Fuschia, but I call it Metallic Pink. Don't ask me why I change names--it's my only pleasure in life. I expect it will be a hit with all lovers of pink, Barbie, and the Rubber Doll enthusiasts.

Radical Rubber's Metallic Fuschia:

Halter by Betty LaBamba.


Swiper said...

That semi-trans grey looks interesting, but I've still got to go with the semi-trans black. The problem is, which rubberist provider (such as Marquis/Libidex etc) actually makes clothing in this colour?

Betty LaBamba said...

The problem is, which rubberist provider (such as Marquis/Libidex etc) actually makes clothing in this colour?

Betty LaBabamba does! (Betty LaBamba does not talk about other duh-zye-naahz. When they start promoting her, then she'll start promoting them.) Semi-trans black is in stock in medium & heavy gauge.

Swiper said...

Ah yes, too true, but, um, does Betty La B make men's clothes? ;-)

Betty LaBamba said...

Men? what's a "men"? hehe

i've been too busy lately to start men's designs--unfortunately for all men of discriminating and elegant tastes...