Sunday, November 18, 2007

Enamel Erotica

All these scans are from Vogue Nippon. See this post. There are lots--and I mean LOTS--more shiny shiny pictures to scan, so keep an eye out for them over the next month.

Here's a patent leather product collage called "Enamel Erotica". No latex, but it's interesting to observe how the Japanese fashionistas are interpreting this season's obsession with all things glittery, shiny, and fetishy.

ABOVE: knee-high boots by Giuseppe Zanotti Design; patent leather hood with snap closure (bottom left) by Yves Saint Laurent; cuff bracelet (center left) by Erickson Beamon; bondage cuffs (upper left) by I have no idea 'cuz I forgot all the Japanese I learned.

BELOW: bow headband by Rada; gloves by Prada; spats by Celine; studded stilettos (upper right) by Dolce & Gabbana; gold and black buckled heels (bottom left) by Jimmy Choo.

Below is another sleek product collage adorably named "Color My Fetish."

THE SHOES: Red double-buckled platform mary janes by Dolce & Gabbana; grey t-strap stilettos by Stella McCartney; blue strappy-buckled tango heels (bottom left) by Chanel.

If you would bigger versions of these scans, let me know. My email is listed in the navigation bar.


Die Latexmaschine rpg7 said...

i live in Chile, here there is Nothing about latex, latex store etc..i've made by my self everything.....the latex sheet from liquid latex, color,the pieces ....too much work, but i'm very happy,because i'm starting my little "latex bussines"....two days ago i went to argentina, the "mission" : a long photo session with a professional photographer and model, the pictures will be soon for my next website.
rodrigo"die latexmaschine"

p.d my english it's pooor.....sorry

WendyB said...

Those boots are stunning!