Friday, July 25, 2008

Shiny Does A Body Good: Drink Rubber

FOUND! in the August 2008 issue of W magazine: a powerful b+w photospread featuring Christy Turlington (fashion goddess 4-eva!) in latex, leather, pvc and the usual high fashion shtick. This is an excellent editorial--one of the best I've seen in a long time--and definately worth the cover price alone, regardless of the fetish-related content. Cheers to photographer Micheal Thompson and everyone involved. A word of warning though: since my scanner can handle only letter sized and smaller pages, the photos are unintentionally cropped. Also, I only scanned the photos having something of immediate interest to my readers, about half of the spread.

Atomage-y boots by Etro.

Black PVC bandeau top by OMO Norma Kamali.

Yawn. Black latex stockings. The good 'ole "edgy" fashion editorial standby is officially boring.

PVC shorts from Purple Passion.

Custom headbands throughout spread by Eugene Souleiman. Cuffs by YSL.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What's New In Betty LaBamba Latex

Introducing a new style of boy short panties to the Betty LaBamba catalog: the Latex Basics Deco Edge Boy Shorts. It's the perfect "entry level" garment for introducing someone new to the wide world of latex clothing. The panties feature a decorative cut edging along the waist and leg openings. There are four deco edge design choices: "pinked," "scallop," "wave" and "crinkle." All seams on this garment are double reinforced.

Price: $35.00 for standard, vibrant/neon or semi-trans color choice. $38.00 for metallic color choice. Click here to see what latex colors are in stock.
Available to order in sizes (Betty LaBamba sizing system only!) 2--14. Click here to see the size chart. M2M service not available.
Email me directly to order (bettylabamba at hotmail).

Deco edge choices:

View the rest of the Betty LaBamba latex catalog.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Betty LaBamba's New Store

What do you get when you cross eBay with LiveJournal? Etsy! At least that's my impression. I started a storefront there last month for Betty LaBamba and added a couple of OOAK items the beginning of July. Click here to view my Etsy store. And keep your eyes peeled for more soon.

What is Etsy? Etsy is an ersatz auction-type venue for hand-crafted goods, including clothing and accessories. The site is very user friendly, easy to navigate and has a good "look" to it. Not only that, the smaller latex labels are getting in on the action. Read this blog entry at 3xL to see what I mean.

I hope more mom and pop latex labels such as mine join the family. ("Start-up" is not such a good word to describe us; most of us have been cutting our teeth on rotary blades and shitting out glue for several years now.) The fees are minimal and only hand-crafted items are allowed. That means no molded corporate bullshit with which eBay is innundated.

Happy Birthday Radical Rubber

This week marks the one year anniversary of upstart latex sheeting manufacturer Radical Rubber. Happy Birthday!

I can't believe it's been a year. I ordered from them quite early on--my order number was fourty-something. Time flies when you got your head up your ass. (Me, not them).

As with most business bee-day celebrations, there's always a big sale with a bunch of special offers. Oh, and are they tempting. For a split-second, I thought about slagging off school and buying a crapload of latex sheeting instead. Subscribe to R.R.'s newsletter to keep yourself current. Here's not the place for me to promote another company without any sort of remuneration.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Atomage Bondage Supplement No.5

More vintage rubber magazines! Today brings Atomage Bondage Supplement No.5.

Page 29:

Standard blah blah 18 and over warning.

Back cover: