Monday, July 30, 2007

Slow News Week

My dear readers, it's been a slow news week. There's not much to write about and I don't really feel like writing about what can be written about.

In honor of The Simpsons Movie, which everyone except me has probably seen by now, I did one of those avatar "create your own Simpsons character" things the Fox network has been shoving down our throats. (Since the movie site's so flash heavy, I'm not gonna even bother to link to it.) I tried to get it to look as much as my real self as possible. Brown pants? Check. Blue sneakers? Check. Black shirt? Check. A look of frustration and ennui in the eyes? Check. Oh, Like the rubber duck on my shirt? Cute, right? See, I can still manage to sneak in a reference to rubber.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rubber Animal Farm

Inflatable rubber whale helps scientists rescue stranded whales. Story below.

Screw politics! The Rubber Betty Blog gives you all the news that actually matters. Rubber animals are taking over the world, and the media expects me to care about Hillary Clinton? When she starts wearing latex pantsuits on her campaign trail, I'll take notice. But for now, let's take a trip to the rubber animal farm.

Rubber duck armada nears Britain -- article from

The first of 29,000 rubber ducks which have been circling the world's oceans for 15 years are expected to wash up on a British beach soon.

The ducks fell overboard from a container ship bound for Seattle from China in 1992, reports the BBC.

Their journey since has given scientists a valuable insight into surface currents as they have been far more widely reported than the floats scientists use.

"The ducks went around the North Pacific in three years - all the way from the spill site to Alaska, over to Japan and back to North America," said Curtis Ebbesmeyer, a retired oceanographer based in Seattle.
"This was twice as fast as the water at the surface - so I began to call them hyper-ducks."

The floating ducks are expected to wash up on the Cornish coast this summer, battered and bleached by their journey through the waters of the Arctic, the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

They have floated along the Alaskan coast, reaching the Bering Strait in 1995. It is thought they were trapped by slow moving ice for several years as it then took them until 2000 to reach the Atlantic ocean.

A year later, they were tracked in the area of the north Atlantic where the Titanic sank. Some broke away and headed for Europe, others have surfaced in Hawaii, Indonesia, Australia and South America.

Two children's books have been written about the toys which have become collectors' items, selling on eBay for £1,000.

Beachcombers will know whether these are the genuine rubber ducks as they will have the words "The First Years" stamped upon them.

Rubber ducks' global journey of discovery from the Daily Mail

Read more about our adventurous rubber--well, technically plastic--friends at here.

Rubber whale helps train rescuers -- article from BBC News

A lifesize two-tonne pilot whale, made of rubber, is helping to train groups of marine rescue volunteers in Gwynedd.

The course in Barmouth is being run with groups involved in rescuing seals and dolphins that become beached or injured.

The British Divers Marine Life Rescue Group (BDMLR), which tried to rescue a whale trapped on the Thames in London last year, is running the training.

The course aims to form a group of volunteers to be on 24-hour standby.

Wales coordinator for the BDMLR Phil Lewis said: "The north Wales coast receives a number of strandings of marine mammals each year and we are keen to boost the numbers of trained medics to respond to these strandings."

The course includes lectures on marine mammal biology and first aid and then practical exercises on rescue techniques at the nearby beach.

These include handling injured and stranded animals, first aid, assessing injuries and the refloating of dolphins and whales using the rescue group's specialist equipment.

Three different inflatables will be used during the course, including a dolphin and a seal pup.

Mr Lewis added: "The water-filled inflatable mammals we use are so lifelike that when the course has been run in the past, members of the public have offered to help, thinking they were real!"

He said that the group dealt with around 12 live strandings a year.

"Some are due to disorientation, some are through sickness, some could be pure accident where they have taken a wrong turning out at sea and come into an area where there's no feeding for them," said Mr Lewis.

"We learn a lot with every rescue that we attend, we always learn from things.

"We know from an assessment we can tell whether or not it is a reasonable thing to put the animal back into the water to refloat it or whether or not it does need to be humanely put to sleep."

Veterinarian gives dog a rubber eye -- article from

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. (AP) — One family's golden retriever is getting a new look at life, thanks to a veterinarian who specializes in making prosthetic eyes for cats and dogs.

Lucky lost an eye to glaucoma, and the Needell family of Boca Raton decided to have the diseased eye replaced by a black silicone ball.

The prosthetic doesn't help Lucky see any better, but the family says the nine-and-a-half-year-old dog doesn't look any different, and the fake eye even moves like a real one would.

Lucky's vet says she implanted 25 of the rubber eyes last year, mostly in dogs.

The American Veterinary Medical Association says the prosthetics eyes are considered cosmetic — and they're not the only silicone implants available for animals. Vets say testicular implants for male dogs who have been neutered have been available for years, but they never caught on with owners.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Yellow Latex Leggings

Found! in the July '07 issue of US Elle magazine, a pair of yellow latex leggings. The model is wearing them throught most of the photos in the spread, but this is the best one. It's some type of sporty theme. The leggings weren't made by me, and I really don't feel like sending business to another label.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Everyone loves polls!

Blogger recently added a new poll thingamajig, and I fully intend to make use of it. One's already up. Take a look at the navigation strip of crap on your right hand side. Gallup and Zogby got nottin' on me, nottin. Every week I'll make a new ridiculous poll that may or may not have anything to do with rubber. After all, we can't be serious all of the time. Suggestions are certainly welcome.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rising Fetish Photographer: S. Jenx

Keep your eyes out for photographer and graphic designer S. Jenx. His artwork bleeds dark surrealism-- it's definately not your average stock fetish imagery. He's been shooting for 17 years and his influences range from Carravagio to Cindy Sherman. I think it definately shows. Drool over this photo of NYC model Cyndie Myst modeling Betty LaBamba latex. Ok, enough with the drooling now. Wipe your mouth.

High Tide Heels

Look at these shoes! High heels + scuba gear = "High Tide Heels". Schiaparelli would be proud, I'm sure of it. Unfortunately, I have no additional info to give you other than these images. Is it an internet joke? Is it an anonymous art installation? Is it an actual product? No one knows yet. Let's just keep our flippers crossed that someone will reveal all soon. The most info on this fetish fashion mystery can be found here at the IAR.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Attention Comrades! All bodily functions are now State Property.

I can smell the class struggle from here. It smells like....rubber.

Don't get sent to Siberia. Keep yourself silent with a Betty LaBamba Silence, Comrade! Surgical Mask, which features a Lenin-tastic hammer & sickle applique. Communism has never looked so sexy. And for $40.00 + s&h, that's a real bargain, comrade. Why spend hours waiting in line for bread when you could buy precious rubber directly? Email bettylabamba[at]bettylabamba[dot]com to order.