Monday, July 30, 2007

Slow News Week

My dear readers, it's been a slow news week. There's not much to write about and I don't really feel like writing about what can be written about.

In honor of The Simpsons Movie, which everyone except me has probably seen by now, I did one of those avatar "create your own Simpsons character" things the Fox network has been shoving down our throats. (Since the movie site's so flash heavy, I'm not gonna even bother to link to it.) I tried to get it to look as much as my real self as possible. Brown pants? Check. Blue sneakers? Check. Black shirt? Check. A look of frustration and ennui in the eyes? Check. Oh, Like the rubber duck on my shirt? Cute, right? See, I can still manage to sneak in a reference to rubber.

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