Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Poll Results: Mainstreamification of Latex Rubber

Here are the results to the most recent poll about the seemingly growing popularity of latex rubber fashion. Thanks to all who voted and to the five of you who still read my oft-neglected blog. Rubber kisses and hugs and all that junk.

If you want to stratch the surface just a bit deeper on this topic, read and respond to this thread here at my my mothership site, IAR/rubberist.net.

The mainstreamification of latex rubber:

Out of a whopping 39 votes,

51% voted I'm all for it! More dumb bitches in latex!
12% voted It's a bunch of hype. Trends come and go.
20% voted Hope it continues because it will make me feel less guilty about my fetish.
5% voted Will take away the specialness of my fetish.
10% voted I don't give a flying fuck.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dead Photog - 1, Spin Kloo - 0

by Robert Mapplethorpe

While browsing the photos at http://www.masters-of-photography.com/, I came across this image by Robert Mapplethorpe. Before, I mainly knew about him because of his connection with Patti Smith. That just shows how unbelievably unhip I am to the art world, past and present.

Mapplethorpe did other portraits of s&m folk. View another example here, and a quick google image search brings up more. This sure beats the dead gloss known as fetish photography nowadaze.