Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dead Photog - 1, Spin Kloo - 0

by Robert Mapplethorpe

While browsing the photos at, I came across this image by Robert Mapplethorpe. Before, I mainly knew about him because of his connection with Patti Smith. That just shows how unbelievably unhip I am to the art world, past and present.

Mapplethorpe did other portraits of s&m folk. View another example here, and a quick google image search brings up more. This sure beats the dead gloss known as fetish photography nowadaze.

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Fuzzy said...

Oh yeah, he was wild. My friend Dean came of age in the New York gay/BDSM clubs in the early 80s, such as the Glory Hole and the Hellfire Club, where Mappelthorpe was a fixture. Oh my, the stories he told!

(But yes, I've always loved that Patti Smith photo from Horses.)