Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Three 4D Pinks Contrasted

I just realized that I haven't done any type of materials post in quite a long fucking time. Here's a short one to keep you grubby little children happy.

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4D Rubber carries several types of pinks: baby pink, pink, semi transparent pink, vibrant pink (hot pink), and vibrant magenta. For more info on the vibrant colours, track back to this post; on standard colours, this post. So what's the effing difference between them?

Above is a photo of my surgical masks in Neon/Vibrant Magenta, Neon/Vibrant/Hot Pink, and Regular/Standard Pink. Baby Pink is not represented because I don't have any in stock; Semi-Trans Pink is basically almost the same shit as regular pink but transparent.

Notice how bright Neon Magenta looks. Most other colors, even Hot Pink, will look pale in contrast. Personally, I prefer Hot Pink over Neon Magenta: it's just more feminine in a bubblegum way. Although it's not classified as such, Neon Magenta is also transparent, more so than Semi-Trans Blue or Semi-Trans Purple. If you want a transparent hot pink latex garment, go with Neon Magenta in an 0.33mm or less gauge.

On a closing note I'd like to point out that our perception of color changes with what type of lighting the color is viewed under and if it's contrasted next to another color. For example, white latex by itself looks a bit yellowish, but when placed next to black latex, it begins to resemble a true white like a piece of photo copy paper.


Ry said...

4D certainly has the largest selection, but if you are in the US or Canada you should checkout

Their prices are about 1/2 that of 4d and the shipping charges are very reasonable. Plus the minimum order is only 1 yard :)

Betty LaBamba said...

Me and other designers use the MJ Trends stuff for prototypes. I don't use their sheeting for commercial purposes. There's a reason it's half the price of 4D.