Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Stuff Every Latex Comsumer Should Know About 4D Transparency Variations & Color Name Misnomers Vol. 1: The Introduction

Stuff Every Latex Consumer Should Know About 4D Transparency Variations & Color Name Misnomers Vol. 1: The Introduction

a.k.a. my blog titles now follow the rules of emo song titles

4D Rubber has the monopoly on latex sheeting for fashion apparel-- with only 43 colors. Boo! Hiss! Come on guys, start manufacturing some more colors. How about a regular cool grey to start? And a Pearlsheen dark navy blue? Did I mention they have a monopoly on natural rubber latex sheeting? Everyone uses it, from Joe Billy Boo making garments on the kitchen table as a hobby to Marquis to Vex to...Everyone else.

To start all of us off on the same page, the following's a rough description of the fashion sheeting lines they produce. If you already know this stuff, good for you. You get a cookie. Keep in mind other people (new or old to the joys of latex) might not.

Supatex: opaque "standard" colors such as white, red, black, purple, etc. Some companies may refer to it as Supatex or "standard" if at all. Official Supa-duper-tex colors include and are limited to: baby pink, black, dark brown, forest green, jade green, light blue, light brown, natural (same as semi-trans natural), olive [green], orange, pink, plum [red], purple, red, royal blue, scarlet [red], violet [purple], white, yellow.

Vibrant: bright, day glo, neon type colors. Some companies like me, Blackstyle, Marquis, etc. call them "neon" or "hot". Official club-kid colors include and are limited to: bright pink, green, lemon yellow, lime green, magenta, orange, red, turquoise, yellow.

Semi-Transparent: not completely transparent but still very revealing. Interestingly, the Semi-Trans colors are the same wholesale price as the standard Supatex set. Oops, did I just say that? Official nip-slip colors include and are limited to: blue, green, grey (there will be a whole entire seperate post devoted to this color), mauve, natural, pink, red, yellow.

Pearlsheen: has a shimery "pearlized" effect, similar to pearlized car paint or eyeshadow. Much more money wholesale than the Supatex, but worth every penny. Also known as "metallic". Official glittery goodness colors include and are limited to: blue, bronze, emerald green, gold, pewter, purple, red, silver.

F.Y.I.: 4D also manufactures dental dam. I could say something really witty and really dirty, but I'm not that smart. Honestly.

This is just an introduction to lay the foundation for future posts on transparancy issues...and blah, blah, blah. Yes, there will be a test. And yes, you should buy something from me.

Up next: hot pink vs magenta


Anonymous said...

yes but latex is getting tio be (allways has been) too damn expensive, and fragile if not meticulously cared for,I prowl e-bay looking for deals,basically standard stuff,american canada, U.K.I like the pure rubber corsets from brazil, for 34$and the sheath dresses,tank dress, sleeved one corsets, girdles and long lines,hose, a few hoods i never use much as still in conditing phase by my misstress,lol.hooded shirt , and i ruined a full lenght sleeved dress in one wearing they sent wrong size the idiots,, I have gone through a lot of latex , stopped for years but was seduced into it agin by my Plol.private sex not into going out much, she say wshe want to start me in bondage, she is enslaving mew , lol.making me unable to function exceopt with her, lol. it is a dream fanatasy in real time. lol.oh well.and i like thtransparent too, seems to come out thicker too.

Betty LaBamba said...

Yes, latex is very expensive, fragile, and a pain in the ass. But it's too awesome to live without.

If you think it's expensive to buy, it's really expensive to manufacture. The sheeting prices are thru the roof, construction is laborous and intensive. We're not rich here ourselves--by any stretch of the imagination. We work hard and find satisfaction in out occupation.

Latex is a luxury, like fine lace, silks, satins, leathers.