Thursday, August 24, 2006

NYC Fetish Model Darenzia Gets Marquis Cover!

Big congrats to NYC latex queen Darenzia for getting a Marquis cover! Get your credit cards ready to order come October.

It's about fucking time is what I say. She's no longer the Susan Lucci of fetish modeling. This gal has at least one full spread in a fetish mag every month and has done billions of catalog shoots, not to mention the international name recognition-- but no proper cover. Well, at least one where we can actually see her face.

Now, how 'bout a Vogue cover?


Oneeyedjack said...

"Susan Lucci of fetish modeling," Funny, I like that. :) Although she was on the cover of The Village Voice's summer preview issue a couple of months ago, wearing a mermaid outfit made by The Baroness.

While I love reading fetish mags, particularly Heavy Rubber and Marquis, they are WAY too expensive. Hey, when you buy them, do you write them off as work related expenses?

Christine Kessler said...

You're absolutely right! As a photographer, I can say that Darenzia is one of my very favorite models and soooo deserving of a cover. Go D-Rock!!

(Oh, and, Hi Betty! Nice blog!)