Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Trend Alert: Rubber Shoes!

I'm digging this rubber and plastic shoe trend in mainstream fashion. Rubber shoes, goddamnit, SHOES! Cheap too! RIP (rubber in public) all the way--if you can stand the funky feet. I doubt I'll be able to withstand the athlete's foot, but I will definately snap up a couple of pairs, just for hoarding purposes.

First on the wishlist:

Marc Jacobs knows what's up. Remember those latex halter tops he did for Perry Ellis back in the 90's during the grunge phase? (I think he got fired for that. Something about being "grunge". ) Drool over these rubber gladiator sandals and flats with cut outs by him.

Check these out, too:

Kate Spade has some really cute hot pink flats with green trim. So preppy, yet so pervy.

Aaah, childhood nostalgia moment (80's childhood mind you):

As a kid, you wear clear pink shoes with glitter flecks in the material in a daily basis without being labeled crazy. I've always loved wearing those rubbery plastic sandals called "jellies". They did get really funky really fast. I mean really funky. Dirt, dead skin, and glittery clear plastic don't mix too well.

The jelly sandals are "super-awesome" according to Urban Outfitters. They're selling some hip retro (well, to me) plastic sandals for $16 in very nice fetish-wardrobe-friendly colors. Too bad they don't have a 5" heel.

Let's end with some ugly shoes:

These Croc clog things are pretty popular. Royally fugly for my tastes, but they're comfy looking. This company has some real potential to be the "fuzzy slipper" of the rubber fetish world. I'm sure they'll make billions. Their flipflops are very sleek and sporty, though. I would bring these ballet flats to a party and slip my aching-platform-stiletto-butchered feet into on the sly.

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