Monday, September 11, 2006

Stuff To Do in NYC

So what's there to do in NYC, latex fetish-wise? Lotsa people complain there's no "scene". Well, if you sit on your ass at home all the time, sure there's no place to go. Lotsa people also complain about not getting laid. Well, that's not my fucking problem. Lose some weight and try not to be so creepy around the ladies. Once again, not my fucking problem. Wanna complain and get nothing done? Become a politician. Hate all the parties going on now? Start your own shit.

I've provided the necessary links. I really don't feel like copying and pasting addresses, etc. Please click on them for more info if a party strikes you fancy. Please leave a comment if there's any broken links or you have a link to a party listed that's not on myspace's servers. Or if you got legitament beef or massive kudos. No flaming will be tolerated, tho'.

If you run a party or know of a really cool fetish [not goth] party not listed herein, please let me know. No spamming.

Weekly & Monthly Parties:

Bitch @ Snitch Every wednesday starting Sept. 6th at Snitch. I just saw a flier for this party. Seems gothy, but the goths have all but taken over fetish parties. Cuz shiny black stuff is awesome. I haven't been to this party, so I don't know it's deal. If you do, please leave a comment.

Black Cat Tuesdays @ Otto's Shrunken Head Otto's is a great place if you're into rock n rool, rockabilly, psychobilly, punk, etc. Ergo, I love the place. I went to the tuesday party once. It's more S&M (stand and model) than S&M. Read: Not a play party by any stretch of the imagination. If you just want to go hang out in your latex or crappy pvc and listen to good music, this is the place to be. You won't get kicked out if you didn't make any effort to get dressed.

The Baroness' Fetish Retinue @ The Alphabet Lounge Ah, the infamous Baroness. People either lover her or hate her. I've never dealt with her, so I have no opinion on the matter. Don't ask me to talk shit. 'Cuz I got none. I've never actually gone to this party because it's always on a sunday. For the past--I dunno--five years or something, I've been telling myself I should go at least once. But I always have something I have to do the next day that involves staying awake. Oh yeah, you really should make an effort to adhere to the dress code.

Byte @ the Delancy Lounge Another party on a sunday night. I actually went to this one though. All the nyc fetish glitterati go there. The musak is too loud and electronic for my tastes, but it's an awesome party. There is a play area if that matters to you. Make an effort to fit in with the young and hip fetish-dressed crowd.

Other parties:

SMack! Held on average twice a year. It's a big one. Always a fun time. Lots of hot rubber action. I suggest you buy tix in advance rather than wait nine billion hours at the door. Plus, it's $10 cheaper in advance.

The Black & Blue Ball NYC's answer to the Rubber Ball in London. Held once a year.

The Fetish Marathon Consists of SMack!, B&BB, Baroness party, and whatever TES has to offer all within the span of less than a week. Usually held in May or June.

Rubber Ball NY/Miss World Rubber Nov. 11 2006. Ever wanted to participate or see a rubber beauty pageant? Yes? Get you ass over there, then. There's a large prize pool, too! I'm a judge there, and it's on my birthday. Fun times.

Mr. East Coast Rubber This one's for the menfolk. October 13-15. It's a few parties and a "fetish fair" where you can get some hardcore shopping done after some hardcore partying.

Motherfucker Huge now legendary alterna party held the night before every major holiday. Fetish and hipster friendly. Expect to wait in line 'cuz your ass is not on the guest list. There's a reduced admission after 1am if you're cheap or don't wanna see the chosen cult/really hip popular band play.

For more events catering towards bdsm, burlesque, and arty type stuff check out the Eros Zine website.

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Oneeyedjack said...

You're funny as fuck Geena. Your first paragraph almost made my coffee spurt out of my nose! :)

Obviously I'm a big fan of The Baroness' parties 'cuz my girl works for her, and we consider her a personal friend. Even if you don't know her personally, it still might be the only party in NYC where you might be able to get into a vac-bed. It's the only party in a bar where you might actually see some real play go down, which is what I like to see.

I feel much like you do about Byte. I've been there once and while I know a lot of people that go there, it's just too loud, electro, gothy and crowded for me. Also the play area is more like a bunch of drunk goths sitting on a wooden horse. You can't swing something without taking an eye out. There ain't much for me to do there accept drink and I don't need a hangover on a Monday morning. One big plus is the roofdeck for smokers. I might go back if I'm bored and have the day off the next day.

I oughta check out Tuesday nights at Otto's sometime. I was there once for a Friday night rockabilly night and that was pretty cool. Good DJ, excellent fashion and decently priced drinks. Have you been to Korova on Friday night? They have a horror-core/ punk/ psychobilly thing going on and I know some people who go there. Haven't checked it out yet, but it might be worth a visit.

Some other places where fetishy people might be interested in going in NYC. Both of these places are play spaces:

Paddles: Public dungeon that often hosts theme nights. Located right around the corner from your alma mata, Paddles is a fun place to go if you're a newcomer and just want to lurk around and creep out chicks or if you're an experienced SMer and want to skin your lover alive. It does attract a mostly leather crowd, which lends itself to bad fashion (leather vests... ew), obesity and a sometimes more aged crowd, but aside from that it's pretty awesome. I always encourage rubbery people to go, as I'd love to see latex replace leather in the scene or at least gain in popularity.

Slave To Lust: This is a semi-private party, ie. you have either know someone or be hot and kinky to go there. Fortunately, we cover both catagories :), although as with most parties, I'd love to see more attractive people there. Why is it that most of the people into SM are busted and/or obese? I don't know man, just 'cuz you like to be beaten/give beatings doesn't mean you have a reason to just let youself go for fuck's sake!

Anyway: The people who run this space are friends of mine and very sweet, fun people. The space is on the Greenpoint waterfront. in a cavernous warehouse that sports a big roof deck with views of the city. Both levels are well stocked with all types of dungeon equiptment, including (possibly my favorite thing ever) an automated crane downstairs for rigging suspensions! SO HOT! Never know who you might see there as a lot of prodommes come out as guets of the house. Dress is mixed leather/rubber crowd, but we always come out in latex. I know a few other rubber-lovers who go there too. As the billing says, NOTHING is too extreme for this place (I know, I've seen some pretty extreme shit go down there) so 'do what thou whilt is the whole of the law.' Aside from having to go to Greenpoint, it's my favorite place to play in the city as there is ample space to play and the crowd is very cool.

That's all I can think of at the moment. Of all the big event parties in NYC, SMack was my favorite last year. Big space, great vibe and A LOT of sexy latex being worn. Black & Blue was alright, but I hate The Slimelight/Avalon. Too gothy, weak shows and too many winding hallways and not conducive to dragging around a girl on a leash in 6 inch heels.

Great post! I'm always on the look out for a new place to get weird and pervy and if I find anything new, I'll let you know. As for Saturday and the FIT exhibit, we're down. I'll give you a ring later.