Friday, September 01, 2006

Lover of Latex: L.A. Tex

"The original idea was to make the kind of fetish website that I was looking for when surfing the net, but that I could never find. A website that has tasteful erotic but not pornographic fetish images, a website that has original images and not just a bunch of pictures scanned out of magazines or taken from other websites or newsgroups. In a way what I was looking for was a website that you could show to friends that are not into fetishism and they would still think it's nice and maybe even understand why you (or I) liked latex-clothing."
--Alexander Horn

A pal from Rubberpal and Myspace [Shout out! You know who you are. If you want me to link to your myspace profile instead, lemme know.] recently re-brought to my attention the wonderful rubber lovin' photographer Alexander Horn aka L.A. Tex.

It's free. It's extensive. Be prepared to spend hours looking at his work! Note: if you missed a major fetish party or want to relive it, chances are Mr. Horn covered it.

There's also a latex news section. Between that and 3xl, you got your international latex goings on covered.

Show some love by writing a funny caption. And respecting his copyright. Don't cop shit that ain't yours. It ruins the party for us goodie-two-shoes!


Oneeyedjack said...

You can link me any time.

I'm an attention whore LOL

Just got back from Montreal's Fetish Weekend. What a blast! I've got a ton of good photos. If you'd like, I'll write you up a little synopsis when I get some time.

By the way, going through my old photos, I found a bunch from your fashion show at SMack this past June. Some came out not too bad (considering I'm hardly a photographer). I'll send 'em to ya if you'd like to see.

Betty LaBamba said...

2 definately's:

definately write up a review and include some pics...

definately send me the smack pics!