Friday, September 08, 2006

Rubber History Mag Madness Vol.1: House of Rubber 3

If you know me, you probably have realized I'm a history buff and a big collector of vintage and contemporary latex rubber fetish mags, 'zines, and books. I've gone as far as to make it a personal cause of mine to collect as much as possible in order to preserve the unique and intensely fascinating rubberist legacy. One of my goals is to publish a book on the history of rubber and latex clothing from Colombus to now.

If you have vintage fetish mags that you don't know what to do with or want to get rid of, please email me: bettylabamba[at]bettylabamba[dot]com. I will take care of them like their my kids. Even if you have stuff you don't want to part with, scans and photocopies would be divine. We can talk about remuneration if donating ain't your thang.

I picked up this vintage beauty of a top shelf digest at an ebay auction. Good 'ole ebay. I find these "old skool" mags [especially Atomage--I'm crazy over the Atomage!] so much more fascinating than the glossy trendy Skin2's of the fetish world.

The name of this forgotten rubberist 'zine is "House of Rubber 3". The inside says 1975 (c) Exim Trading, Copenhagen Denmark. There's a sticker with the name Christine LeDuc and an Amsterdam address and telephone number on the back cover. I'm guessing that's a store, mail order company, or some kind of distributor. The front cover is what caught my attention. The cut and paste style graphics would make any punk fanzine editor proud! It has it's moments of genious, but overall the actual content is kinda boring. You know, just the usuall low budget 70's stuff. Some light bondage and dildo action here and there. However, check out the amazing hood with the Cyrano snoz and zip open mouth. By the amount of "bubbly-ness" around the zip and the type of zip used, methinks it's home brewed.

I invite you to view the entire old school rubberist zine's 32 pages in a wonderful flickr slide show. ATTN: I changed the image hosting. You can find the whole mag reproduced in this post. It may seem like it, but none of the images are cropped. I like to think the low production adds to the charm. The only photoshopping I did was to resize the scans and sharpen 'em a little bit so it's easier to see the details.

If you know anything about this little piece of rubberist history or want to chat about the dark ages of latex/rubber clothing [read: anything earlier than 1989], please feel free to email me: bettylabamba[at]bettylabamba[dot]com. Also, if you want larger versions of the pics, let me know.



Oneeyedjack said...

I've never really seen any old rubber magazine before. Those old school rubber mags are really cool. Thanks for the scans!

Anonymous said...

Christine le Duc still exists:

The name comes from the wife of the founder Christine Hartog(le Duc)
It was founded in 1968, in those days the sale of pornographic materials was still illegal.