Friday, August 24, 2007

Rubber Box Fashion For Your Next Rubber Box Social

Found! in the '07 September issue of US Vogue magazine: a $858 boxy rubber shift dress I can't afford. The designer is Marni, who also did this jacket I wrote about in June. (I'm not linking to the Marni website because the site having major issues with my browser.)

The photo caption says the following:

BOLT FROM THE BLUE Beaver-fur mittens, a laminated rubber dress, and killer platform peep-toes create an electrifying ensemble; the cerulean stockings add even more voltage. Marni ebony dress [$858], mittens, and stilettos, Marni, NYC. Wolford tights.

And here's another rubber piece from Marni, this time an "onyx" rubber skirt at a mere $486. (Still complaining about the cost of rubber clothing, eh?) Vogue's fantastic caption writer tells us that "natural or synthetic--whatever the fabric, the more tactile, the better." I agree!

Let's come back to the first dress, since it's also featured in the Fashion Rocks supplement that came with the Vogue in a very oi! oi! old skool punk rock spread. This makes me wanna break out some Exploited and talk about the good old days.

Also note that the model in the striped mohair sweater/pull-over is wearing black latex leggings. So what's up with all the latex leggings in the fashion magazines? I could put it into some type of socio-economic-post-feminist-ersatz-intellectual context, but I don't wear a bow tie and sandals on a daily basis--and I like to think my readers can smell bullshit from a mile away. Here's my verdict: they're trendy and they look fucking cool with almost everything.

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Andre said...

Latex leggings get a big yes. The shift dress, not so much in my opinion. It makes the wearer look like she's wearing a garbage bag in those pics.

For that kind of money you can get a whole catsuit from a lot of designers... and not just those cheapo Chinese ones.