Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rubber Tee-Shirts and Patent Jackets

Found! in the July '07 issue of US Vogue magazine are two very interesting jackets. At first glance, they look like rubber --especially the one on the right-- but Vogue informs me that they are patent leather. The fur-trimmed coat is by Marni Pekan, the extra rubbery lookin' one is by Marni. Go to style.com here to see more patent leather looks by Marni. I give you full permission to think outside da box: the black catsuit and hood combination is not the only one true holy grail in life.

Found! (part deux) in the July '07 issue of US Elle magazine is the following blurb about House of Holland's clever slogan tees. The pink and black tee-shirt dress is indeed made of out latex rubber. See a better view of this cute-as-all-fuck dress below the blurb.

Picture above ganked from House of Holland.

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