Friday, June 01, 2007

Protect Yourself From Infectious Lawyers...

...wear a Betty LaBamba surgical mask. We here at Betty LaBamba care about public safety, your public safety.
Andrew "Tuberculosis is Awesome, dude!" Speaker

Andrew Speaker, now lovingly known as "TB Andy" or "That TB Guy" is in my opinion a fucking asshat personal injury lawyer from Atlanta, GA, who figures he's special and the rules don't apply to him. Somehow he got a "dangerous, extensively drug-resistent" strain of TB, knew he had it, yet took a few plane trips around the world anyway. What a nice, caring, wonderful man. Oh c'mon, TB is nothing--it's just a little cough! It's not like anyone could actually die from it. In fact*, studies show contracting TB is beneficial for AIDS and cancer patients and may even help them recover competely in cases where death is the only option.
*In case some of you humourless twats didn't get it, this is satire, bad satire but satire nonetheless. And my unimportant opinions which constitutes my opinion.

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