Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lush Fetish Ruffles Attack

The picture above hints at one of the first steps of latex ruffle making. Notice how nice and even the strips look. I've got a thing for narrow strips of latex sheeting folded over each other over and over again. It reminds me of certain Marcel Duchamp paintings, don't ask me why.

See the completed ruffles in action below in Betty LaBamba's new "Ruffled Leg Garters".

Price: $105.00. Sizes go by thigh circumference and include the following: 16"/XSMALL, 18"/SMALL, 20"/MEDIUM, 22"/LARGE. Bigger sizes may be made to measure at the cost of %20 extra. They're made from heavy 0.55mm latex and come with three garter clips on each leg. Extra garter clips can be added at the cost of $7.00 per pair. Ruffle and trim colors are available in whatever sheeting I have in stock, the base color is only available in white or black.

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