Monday, May 07, 2007

RubberBay: Alternative Auction Site

There's a new addition to the "adult" auction sites that have popped up in response to eBlah's puritanical "no fun stuff" policy. This one's called RubberBay and is-- pardon the pun-- geared mainly towards the buying and selling of latex/rubber products.

From RubberBay's "About Us" page: is the online auction specialized on rubber/latex clothing, toys and accessories and also other fetish gear you can imagine.

All registered users can buy, sell or swap their new or used gear.

Companies or users who have lots of stuff to sell are welcome to open stores to profit from lower fees.
We hope you will enjoy our auctions!

Kind regards, Team

It's really new and I haven't used this site, but there is talk about them on the RubberPal forums. Anyone have any experience with RubberBay?

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