Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Betty LaBamba Latex Gear: Zip-Back Pencil Skirt

Introducing the Latex Basics Zip-Back Pencil Skirt by Betty LaBamba. This pencil skirt is crafted from sturdy 0.45/0.50mm gauge latex rubber sheeting and features a separating zipper closure in the back. (Yup, it zips apart for easier dressing.) Not only that, you can unzip it partially from the bottom up for easier walking, which comes in handy when you have to run after somebody to give 'em the beat down. The zipper itself is fully re-enforced and has a flap (or fly) behind it to prevent your flesh from getting caught in the zipper teeth. Available in sizes 2 thru 14. See the size chart here, and the color chart here.
Price: $150.00
Available base colors: black, metallic bronze, semi-trans black.
Available trim colors: black, white, semi-trans black.
Zipper available in black or white.
Email: bettylabamba[at]bettylabamba[dot]com to order.


Latex_ said...

That is a good looking skirt.

Latex_ Robert

Betty LaBamba said...

Thanks very much!

Anima said...

yah! I like it!
and you used a zipper! =D

WendyB said...

Hi, I just mentioned your blog on mine!

Andre said...

Very nice. Great color.