Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back to School Blues

It's nearing September, and we all know what that means: back to school time. You probably have kids that have to go back (kicking and screaming 'cuz summer fun time's over), or you're the one going back (kicking and screaming 'cuz you don't know how the fuck you're gonna pay off those student loans). The weather is getting colder, the sky is getting darker earlier, and you could have sworn you heard God laughing at you.

The approaching fall is not all that bad, however, considering now's the time of year when all the major US fashion mags put out their fall "biggest issue ever" editions. Ah, 5 lbs and 700+ pages of chic lumpen capitalism! The mailman hates me; I subscribe to all of them--Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, W. I've already "read" through the first 5lbs. Now I just have 15 more pounds of glossy perfume-drenched paper to wade through, mentally and physically . (Is there a patron saint of paper cuts I could pray to?) The good news is that I already found 5 pictures worth scanning and posting for my rubbery fashion conscious readers.

An another note, R.I.P. to Phil Rizzuto, Brooke Astor, Leona Helmsley, and Merv Griffin.

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