Saturday, October 18, 2008

Some Stuff

My birthday's coming up! On November 11th I will be twenty-five years old. I'm an old, old woman. If my dear readers feel so inclined, feel free to send me a book from my wish list. Used books are fine--I'm not too picky about getting new books.

My Wish List

Also, I've been getting requests about sharing my knowledge of making latex clothing. Yes, I do intend to share, but as the saying goes "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours." What I'm saying is that I need something in return, not cash or shoes or clothing but something, that something being books. As a student and artist my funds are stretched rather thin. Receiving books I need--and want--would take some pressure off.

This is how it will go: I will write a tutorial blog post. If I receive a book or two, then I will write another one. If I receive nothing, then I will remove the post. The tutorials will alternate between basic crafting levels, intermediate and pro, and will include all aspects of the craft. My first tutorial will be a compendium of reference books and websites.

By the way, I do have latex sheeting available. Contact bettylabamba[at]hotmail for more info. Please note that if your email is just about general correspondence, it may take awhile for me to send a decent response. I failed basic correspondence in high school. Alas, I'm one of those people.


Fuzzy said...

Something tells me you could furnish a whole shelf in this thread alone, lolol! Beginner to latex seeks help with a Silk Spectre Costume

But seriously, that's an excellent idea. I hope people realize the value of good information and pay accordingly!

Anonymous said...

twenty five? Ah .. young grasshopper, you have much to learn ;-)

But assuming you were good and worked always hard for school, maybe you might get something from your wishlist.