Thursday, October 09, 2008

Harajuku Lovers Perfume Ad

Gwen Stefani's ersatz-Japanese fashion label Harajuku Lovers came out with this ad for her new perfume whatever. Besides the sugary cuteness factor, I like it because it features latex accessories. For those of you lacking rubber-dar (or latex-dar, not to be confused with gay-dar), the flowers and mittens are made out of latex rubber.

The full-sized ad is in this months Paper magazine. I had to scrounge around the internet to find this image--didn't much feel like buying an ad.


Susan said...

Hi Betty, i use Kenzo Flower and really like the smell when it is on me - its a cheap perfume but if it suits the chemicals and tones of your skin and your personality then cost doesnt really matter does it?

I have bought but been disappointed with a DKNY delicious night and mariah carey m, in the past, so just wondering what the scent and aroma is like on this new perfume as it certainly looks like its worth buying, do you know?

Japanese Fashion said...

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