Monday, October 06, 2008

On hiatus...

Hello Everyone!

Regular readers of this blog are aware that I've single-handedly run a latex clothing label called Betty LaBamba since 2005. After much consideration, I've decided to take a sabbatical, as they say, from manufacturing latex clothing to pursue serious education plans for a future career in the photographic and/or cinematic arts. Right now my goal is to become a cinematographer. To accomplish that, I need to learn a lot of crap fast and eat a lot of metaphorical crap. Hence, I won't have the time to sniff glue eight hours a day, alone, in a basement studio somewhere in fabulous NJ.

As a result of my latex clothing hiatus, I have a special offer to those who ASK beforehand: half off everything in my eBay store. You must ask and you must have PayPal. All items are AS IS. Also, I am offering half off any item of latex clothing in my store. Findings and sheeting are excluded from this half-off deal. (However, I do have an excess of 4D and Radical Rubber latex sheeting that I can't reasonably use up for my personal use.) All inquiries should be directed to bettylabamba [at] hotmail [dot] com.

Cheers & Love,

Geena Maree


YelloBird said...

All the best and have fun. And if you you get shouted at by mean directors and actors, drop in at the IAR to meet some normal people, or write a rant on the blog.
And $50 for the cute red dress ... I ... need ... to resist ... the evil person is tempting me ^^

... and don't blame it on NJ ;-)


Nofate301 said...

Good Luck, and I certainly wish you well in your academic endevours as well.

Don't stop reporting on what you see and the fetish scene in general.

I love your take and view point. I still want to enter into the scene, but well...nerves and self-conscious. Silly, i know.

Fuzzy said...

I have to second nofate301's request that you continue reporting.

Best of luck with your new path.

SanderO said...

My sense is that the latex thing is like a black hole which sucks people in to varying depths and for varying length of time. In the black hole you can't get out enough to focus what are perhaps more worldly matters than fashion and "sex"... hedonism. Of course, inside the black hole you lose your perspective on the real world outside and become increasingly insular and isolated. You need to make the decision to be out and mix vanilla and fetish worlds or live in two worlds at once where neither knows of the other for all sorts of weird reasons.

The latex thing can be like being horny... you need to scratch the itch and it feels so nice, but when you finally cum, you have no interest in it. In a sense this is really unsatisfying because it promises something it can't seem to deliver and all you do is try again and again. It's an addiction.

it appears to me that most of it has been played and all we are seeing now is more fashionable rubber which won't catch on... and better heavy rubber which appeals to a very narrow segment. It like reaching the point of diminishing returns. You work harder and harder for less and less.

Time to move on. You made some excellent contributions. Good luck with cinema.

absolutneuromancer said...

Well, all the best to you, of course! You're amazing!!
Best, absolutneuromancer

Jessie-Lynne said...

still have any sheeting available?