Thursday, December 14, 2006

National Inflatable Week Part Cinq...

National Inflatable Week continues...this week...because it's...National Inflatable Week.

The pic above is the one alluded to in my last post from Atomage Bondage Supplement No.1.

Pneumatic Enclosure

Sexologist Havelock Ellis wrote: "Any restraint upon muscular and emotional activity generally tends to heighten the state of sexual excitement". Many lovers of bondage like to be enclosed in a buoyant form using a rubber or latex suit which is pumped full of air (sometimes water) and the wearer carefully bound including, very often, a form of double enclosure such as the inventive form shown on the right. [see above] Is this, some psychologists claim, a desire to return to security of the womb and warmth and security of the maternal fluids? One of our photographic contributors who enjoys this form of restraint says he doesn't care -- "I just know that afterwards I am beautifully relaxed and at peace with myself and the world -- and it is cheaper than the bottle, psychiatrist's couch or a health farm".

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