Monday, December 11, 2006

National Inflatable Week Continues...

National Inflatable Week continues. The suit above is a charming match to the very round and very large and very inflated hood from last post.

Below, we have an equally charming inflatable body bag. The delightful decor adds a nice touch. My generation calls it "retro" and "kitschy". Of course, our asses are so pumped up with detached ironic sentiment, we're not allowed to like anything for what it is.

All pictures are from the Atomage Bondage Supplement No. 7, page 17, circa 1970's-ish. Note the charmingly awesome pedantic description from the magazine:

These pictures came to us from Victoria, Australia from 'Skinseal'. It is marvelous to us to note the growing world wide interest in both dressing for pleasure and bondage. The quality and imaginative design of the products, particularly the fascinating total inclosure garments, surely merit the attention of all latex lovers who apply their talents for restrictive purposes to better purpose than Trade Unions!

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