Saturday, October 28, 2006

Stuff Every Latex Consumer Should Know About 4D Transparency Variations & Color Name Misnomers Vol. 3: Semi-Trans Colors

Hello & Welcome! to part 3 of this series. Part 2 is about the bright colors and can be found here.
Before we get this blog entry started, I'd like to make an early birthday shout out to Louise Brooks. Girl, Nov. 14 you will be 100 years old. You've been dead over 20 years, but you're still hot as hell, and we all love you and your iconic haircut.

4D Rubber [the only latex sheet manufacturer for fashion apparel that matters besides the much undeservedly maligned Hygenic] makes a designated "Semi-Transparent" set of colors, also know as "Semi-Trans" for short. The latex designers/companies call them Semi-Transparent, Semi-Trans, or just plain Transparent. The hyphen is optional. [Now, if you're wondering why I am capitalizing Semi-Trans--which you probably are not, but whatevs--it's because this is a very sacred subject to me. More sacred than the Supreme Being. Truly.]

The official Semi-Trans colors include: blue, green, grey, mauve [more commonly known as purple to us plebes], natural, pink, red, yellow. These are the official names made up by 4D. When it comes to what other people call them, things start getting a little fucked up, especially when it comes to that so-called "grey" color [separate post on that coming up].

The actually transparency of the colors are not too consistent across the board. Some are more transparent than others. I guess there's a reason why they're called "Semi-Trans" and not "Totally-Trans". The lighter colors like Natural, Yellow, Pink, and also Green and Grey are the most transparent. Blue, Mauve [aka Purple], and Red are much less transparent. Tip: If you want to optimize the transparency of your Semi-Trans outfit, use lube inside and out.

The thickness, or gauge, of Semi-Trans sheeting only comes in 0.33mm and 0.45mm. However, Natural is also classified as a Standard color and comes in every gauge 4D offers.

The following pics should give you a good idea of what the colors look like. The photographed swatches are of 0.33mm sheeting, unshined. I placed a BLB label halfway under each swatch to demonstrate the varying amount of transparency of each color. Note: I (and several other companies) refer to Semi-Trans Grey as "Semi-Trans Smoke". Clicky on the links to see:

Semi-Trans Natural & Semi-Trans Pink

Semi-Trans Smoke [aka "Grey"] & Semi-Trans Yellow

Semi-Trans Green

Semi-Trans Red & Semi-Trans Blue

Semi-Trans Purple

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