Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Required Rubber Reading

I'm a lover of books. On anything and everything. [Most of my disposable income is divided between books, records, and shoes too painful to wear--heavy emphasis on books and records.]If it's a worthy book on fetish (photography, psychology, history, etc.), fashion (history, theory, pretty pictures), pattern making & grading (not that home sewing shit) I automatically feel compelled to own said book. Before I die, I am determined to own every book published on fetish stuff, vintage rubber mags, pattern making, & pattern grading. Er...Almost. What can I say, it's a hoarding thang. Did I mention I'm neurotic? Anyway...

If you're interested in fetish clothing history and whatnot, you will find these books enjoyable. I've excluded photography and illustration books to concentrate on books with a higher word to picture ratio. 'Cuz we smart, yo. Warning: Some listed are out of print, insanely hard to find, and really expensive if you do come across them. Others can probably be found on ebay for $5.

The following is a short list of books that are relatively easy to purchase online and inexpensive. The continuation of this post will be about (non-fiction) paperbacks from the 60's and 70's.

Rubber: Fun, Fetish, Fashion by Janet Bloor & John D. Sinclair This is primarily a "fun" book. It won't make you smarter, but it's choc full of colored pics and whimsically covers EVERYTHING about rubber from tires to knicknacks to sex toys. The orange textured rubber cover makes this book the best thing you can put on your cofee table besides cheap booze and cheesecake.

The Complete Reprint of John Willie's Bizarre published by Taschen Bizarre was an "all purpose" type fetish magazine published in the 40's and 50's. It covered transvetism, high heels, corsets, s&m, some rubber stuff, and bondage. Big emphasis on bondage. No magazine will ever come close to replicating the total amazingness that is Bizarre. Ever. A must read. Out of print but can be found cheap used on Amazon or eBay.

Fetish: Fashion, Sex, & Power by Valerie Steele This is THE best book ever written about the who's, what's, where's, why's of fetish clothing. The section dedicated to latex rubber is rather small, but it's packed full of info. Latex/rubber is also refered to throughout the entire book, so fear not. Features a decent amount of color plates and many b&w photos. Out of print but very easily found cheap on ebay, Amazon, etc.

To be continued...

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