Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rubber History Interlude: Show & Tell

It's rubber show and tell day! (Don't worry. I have plenty more vintage rubber mags to scan and upload. Keep your eyes peeled. It just takes a long time to scan and to edit all those images.)

I present you, my dear rubberinos & rubberettes, what I call the Blasphemy Knickers. These panties were a custom order for one of my most loyal clients. He liked the Ruffled Knickers I did for another client awhile back and requested a pair with ruffled all around the legs, a religious-esque nun cross appliqué on the front and a split crotch.

As always, I do phenomenal, meticulous work. Betty LaBamba is the NYC area's best kept latex rubber secret! Let me brag once in a blue moon, mmkay?

It's too hard to see the detail of the split crotch on the pic above. (Nothing "exciting is behind it, unless you're into mannequin plastic crotch bumbs.) You can get a better look in this photo directly below:

Side views. Lotsa ruffles mean lotsa labor:

Look at this sexy ruffled bum! Don't be jealous:

Click here to see more pictures of the Blasphemy Knickers. If you're interested in purchasing a pair like this, contact me [bettylabamba at hotmail]. Pricing starts at $200.00.

To view the Betty LaBamba latex catalog with price listings, go here. Click here to be taken to my eBay store, here for the latex color chart, and here for the size chart.


Nofate301 said...

those are awesome

If i was a girl, or a crossdresser, I'd wear those.

If i had a girl, i'd get her a pair.

Just freaking awesome

Betty LaBamba said...

Aw, thanks so much!