Friday, February 01, 2008

Poll Results: Latex Sheeting

I must offer my apologies to my loyal guys and dolls. I once promised to put up a new poll every week. Well, I failed you. I failed all of you. The same poll has been up (and closed) for about a month. Oh, the blog horror!

Anyway, we'll get over it...together, we'll rise above.

Without further ado, and, unfortunately, no spankings, here is the results to "My favorite type of latex sheeting is"

Drumroll, please.

Out of a whopping 56 votes:

28% chose "standard/supatex"
33% chose "semi-transparent"
5% chose "vibrant/neon"
21% chose "metallic/pearlsheen"
0% chose "OK, really, what the fuck?!"
10% chose "anything with boobs behind it."

Semi-trans has won this round. Even though I tend not to wear semi-trans latex clothing--I'm a shy one--I really love the semi-trans colors, especially the traditional natural color. However, I voted metallic/pearsheen because lately I've been working with those colors a lot. Click here for a sample pic.

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