Monday, October 22, 2007

The Sky Ship

Recently I saw a flyer in the city with this arresting image of men in outrageous leather gear. See pic above. It's from a silent film from 1918 called The Sky Ship (Himmelskibet), which played yesterday at BAM's Pordenone Silent Film Fest. I missed the screening [arg!], so here's the only info I have for you is from BAM's website:
Think silent films are dull? How about trips to Mars, singing clowns, or exposés of white slavery? They’re all here at the sixth year of highlights from the Pordenone Silent Film Festival, featuring remarkable films from the Danish film studio Nordisk. All films with live accompaniment by Donald Sosin unless otherwise noted.
The Sky Ship (Himmelskibet) (1918), 83minDirected by Holger-Madsen
An aviator constructs a ship to travel to Mars, where a utopian society is discovered. A sort of Danish Voyage to the Moon, The Sky Ship boasts wonderful set design as well as a thinly veiled plea for peace during wartime.
I'm just in time to miss everything...

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