Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rubber @ High Fashion House FENDI

Found in the March '07 issue of Vogue (US version), a "deliciously devilish black rubber dress" by Fendi, only $4,310, in which one may "bend the rules (and more than a few minds)". [So say the prada-wearing devils over at Vogue. Je regrette, but I am not brilliant enough to write such boisterous colorfull copy.]

More pics of the same thing from

The photographs are too dark and muddy to let me figure out exactly how the dress was constructed, but it looks glued.

On a side note, the flounces remind me vaguely of the Minoan Snake Goddess.

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3xL said...

The runway review on states that it's not latex, but black silicone.

I know others who have tried to work with this non allergenic material.