Monday, December 29, 2008

These Boots Are Made For Sploshing

Hope everyone had a wonderful and stress-free holiday season!

Found! in the latest issue of New York magazine (January 5-12, 2009): a dynamic-liquid photo of the undersides of rubber wellies. Seems to me like editorial commercial vanilla photography is kicking editorial commercial fetish photography's ass.

Photo by Levi Brown. Wellies by Marc by Marc Jacobs. And before you shoot your rubbery mouths off on how expensive designer goods are, these foot condoms are only $28. Three cheers for Marc J.!

Click right heeeere to view a large size of the scan.

Shout out and thanks to Yellowbird for the book, which it probably durable enough for me to read in a rain storm.


Anonymous said...

... you never know when it might come handy. And you can always use it to whack people ;-)

Betty LaBamba said...

yellowbird, if I do that, I think I might break my own knuckles.