Monday, November 10, 2008

Skin Two No More

Skin Two, that venerable fetish periodical, will cease publication some time in the vague future. Read about all that crap in The Fetishistas blog. [Thanks to Garlor for posting that link at the IAR. Otherwise I would not have known for at least another month. I am sooo out of the loop.]

Skin Two's death is not so surprising. Why spend $20 on a magazine when you can get the same content for free on the web? We all know that argument and we all can repeat different permutations of it ad nausium, ad infinium. Besides, Skin Two got really boring about three years ago. After issue 43 or so, the reek of korporate kulture in a shiny catsuit with product placement whip became too apparent--except for no. 50 but that was mostly because of the awesome cover. I already did my mourning long ago, relatively speaking. No ass-kissing obit here, but I'll still keep re-reading my favorite issues. Time to move on.

Grim Reaper photo ganked from


Anonymous said...

MFB posted an update from Sk2 on 3XL's BLOG.
(hmm ... wonder if I can get more acronyms into that sentence).

Oh and happy birthday, hope you had a good party yesterday.

Mike said...

Hi Betty. Its Mike from Mikesjournal. Thanks for providing the link back to my site. Happy you liked my grim reaper photo. He was not rubbery but he does shine.
Shine on!