Saturday, March 15, 2008

Get Into Focus On It

Look! An ad poster with latex for Focus on Imaging, an annual European trade show for cameras and shit. (The party starts in '09.) Credit for the picture goes to a pretty cool dude named Justin Focus. The title is "The Photo Evangelist." Go here to see a snappy making-of video.
Do not ask me the clothing brands. Two reasons: 1) I don't give a flying shit; and 2) they're not any of mine.

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SanderO said...

It's pretty clear that now with so many attractive fashions in latex, even when they do have that distinct fetish edge, they make for eye catching marketing.

When you think to the stuff mentioned in your other thread from th 60s this type of marketing would not have even been possible because rubber clothes really did not have a style about them. Whether or not rubberists wanted fashionable stylish looking rubber (and I am sure many did), it was simply not available. Very few colors were offered and very few makers of the stuff had a fashion sense as we see now.

It's all making for more variety not only for fetish lovers, but it's sliding into the mainstream marketing because it is attractive and sexy. Pop stars get it too so.

People have a sense that fetish is still a but rebellious, but it seems to be sexy without being trashy, a bit of the thinking person's sexy. maybe I am projecting, but that is my observation about what we are seeing.

I don't think latex clothing will become common because of the barriers of comfort, cost and care. But we may just see the accepted as a fashion the way Goth or other fashion trends have been.