Thursday, January 03, 2008

Poll Results: Thickness

Not that type of thickness. Oh my, get your mind outta the vanilla gutter.

We have the poll results here for "In general, what is your favorite gauge of latex sheeting?"

Out of 45 votes,

24% voted 0.20mm/0.25mm (thin)
28% voted 0.33mm/0.40mm (medium)
31% voted 0.45mm/0.50mm (medium-kinda thick)
4% voted 0.60mm or thicker (officially thick)
11% voted What the fuck?!?! (not a gauge)

If you're reading this and saying to yourself what the fuck? indeed, what the fuck! go read this post. I might think about re-writing that post to add extra info, but right now I'm not feeling so generous.

This small-talk about thickness also bring up another question: exactly what is "heavy rubber" to you? Does "heavy" mean the thickness of the latex sheeting used in the garments? Or does "heavy" conjure up a certain aesthetic sense? Or is it just the name of a magazine published by Marquis?

Oh yeah, Happy All Those Holidays That Just Passed!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Heavy rubber is an aesthetic. It implies a fondness for complete enclosure, transformation and objectification, perhaps bondage. It is visually stunning, feels fantastic, but isn't usually that practical for, say, taking a walk on a summer day.