Friday, December 14, 2007

Rubber Betty News

Hello everyone!

Have you noticed the extreme lack of posts lately? The Rubber Betty Blog is still in business, but I'm taking a break from posting because I've got a lot of shit on my plate. For one thing, I'm very behind on latex orders, and I've had to ambiguously refuse new customers to keep from shooting myself from the stress. Also, I'm swamped with school work, and I have a film internship to go to.

Have I mentioned yet that I have a lot of shit on my plate? Basically, I have no more friends because I got a shitload of shit to get done that should have gotten done last week. I'm taking three night classes. Two of those classes require a finished essay handed in every week and longer papers due at the end of the term. The other one requires a fuck-load of studying everyday. Added to that is an internship I go to twice a week, and a latex clothing label that's full-time work with part-time pay. On top of that is this weird concept called sleep that's apparently necessary but really is just a waste of time.

There's good news, though. Next week is my last week of classes. After that, I'll be able to post all the crap I've been wanting to post. Stay tuned...


WendyB said...

Glad you are still around, even if too busy!

Spirit said...

Go girl, besides who needs sleep you can do that when you are 6 ft under.
Wow Betty I am proud of you, a go getter, not many of those around, but in the end it will be the off.
So there might be no chance of catching up with you when in NY around April, before the RWR.
My move is really taking its toll so some R and R would be nice.
Love Spirit.

Betty LaBamba said...

Thanks, Spirit! You're such a doll (but you already know that). I hope your big move goes off with as few glitches as possible.