Friday, September 28, 2007

The Mechanical Muse: Hussein Chalayan FALL '07

In his Fall '07 r-t-w fashion show, Hussein Chalayan used latex rubber stockings in silver, pewter, and black to compliment his collection. Compliment is the key word here. It's a perfect and natural balance between the two; the latex doesn't stick out like a sore thumb at all, nor does it seem like it was an after thought. The fashion/fetish idiom has been reinvented successfully.

Then again, Chalayan's a frickin' genius. His designs are very mechanical, not in a modern industrial sense, but rather in an ancient Greek and Italian Renaissance context. Go see the video from the fashion show here. It's a fantastic show in every way and you will not be disappointed.

All pictures in this post were ganked from Go here to view the rest of the collection and here to see previous fashion shows.


Latex_ said...

All I have to say is WOW. I love the look of tight latex stockings to show off the legs.

Thank you for the blog.

Latex_ Robert

Betty LaBamba said...

Yeah, they look great together! As perfect as perfect can be.

Anima said...

yeah, those are some fantastic photos, and a well written-commentary to boot. nice post!
(oh yeah, and I've kinda fallen off the face of the earth, sorry 'bout that)

Famous Moose said...

The pewter in particular look very striking, there's nothing quite line colour co-ordinating with the shoes too :).


Andre said...

LOVE that pewter latex! I wonder where he gets his latex? 4D?

WendyB said...

Totally hot!